Impressions Iran trip, spring 2015

Camp 28-29/3-2015
I and the K2 8611m

Marijn van den Brink


    I am Marijn van den Brink. I was born in 1952 and live in a place called Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands. I work as a teacher in mechanical engineering. I'm a sports fanatic and I'm very interested in nature. These interests allowed me to combine my passions for mountaineering and botanizing.

    In 1989, I built my own house. Using my personal experience in the mountains, I created a mountainous landscape around my house (in the form of a rock garden) in the otherwise flat landscape of the Netherlands. In this mountainous landscape flourish many plants that belong to this habitat.

    I hope you enjoy these pictures of the things I have seen and experienced. Have fun watching!
    • Marijn van den Brink

    Places where I have been.

    Tiles courtesy MapQuest
    2000 2009 acanthaceae accipitridae aceraceae acrocephalidae adana adiantaceae adoxaceae aegypiidae aerial view agamidae agavaceae agriculture and horticulture aizoaceae alaudidae alcedinidae allgau alliaceae alsinaceae alstroemeriaceae alternatieve elfsteden tocht amaranthaceae amaryllidaceae america american primrose society ammonoidea amphibian anacardiaceae anatidae anatolia and central anatolia andalucia anguidae animal animal morocco animal peru animal south anatolia animal.insect animalinsect annual annual eenjarig antakya antalya anthericaceae antilocapridae antirrhinaceae apcynaceae apiaceae apocynaceae apocynaceae morocco aquifoliaceae araceae araceae belgium araceae morocco araceae south anatolia aragon araliaceae ararat araucariaceae ardeidae arecaceae argentina argyranthemum aristolochiaceae armena aroania mountains article ascalaphidae asclepiadaceae asclepiadeae asparagaceae asparageceae asphodalaceae asphodalaceae' asphodelaceae aspleniaceae asteracea asteraceae asteraceae morocco asteraceae peru asteraceae south anatolia atlas atypidae aulbous plant austria autumn autumn 2005 autumn 2010 autumn 2011 awards azollaceae bagong mountain national geo park bagong mountain national geo park smilacaceae balsaminaceae batrachylidae beartooth mountains belgium berberidaceae berner oberland bernina betulaceae biannual big horn mountains bignoniaceae bird blechnaceae bombyliidae book boraginaceae bovidae brassiaceae brassicaceae brassicaceae greece brassicaceae morocco brenta britisch columbia bromeliaceae buddlejaceae buenos aires bulbous plant buprestidae butterfly buxaceae cactaceae cactaceae peru caesalpiniaceae caesalpinioideae cahar mahali.o.khtiyari calceolariaceae california calochortaceae calyceraceae calycereaceae camelidae camp campanulaceae campanulaceae greece campanulaceae morocco canada canidae cannabaceae cannaceae capparaceae capparidaceae caprifoliaceae car dachstein caricaceae caryophyllaceae cathartidae celastraceae central anatolia cervidae chabut buddlejaceae chamonix 2011 chamonix 2011 france charaldriidae chenopodiaceae chile china chinchillidae chloranthaceae chrysomelidae chubut cichorioideae ciconiidae ciconiiformes cinclidae cistaceae cistaceae morocco city climbing plant close up clusiaceae cneoraceae coenagrionidae colchicaceae colchicaceae close up colchicaceae morocco colchicaceae south anatolia colorado colubridae columbidae columelliaceae commelinaceae compositae compositae morocco concert construction house construction rockgarden convolvulaceae cordillera blanca cordillera negra coriariaceae cornaceae corsiaceae corsica corvidae corydalis coum crassulaceae crassulaceae morocco crater lake national park crater lake national park animal crete cricetidae cruciferae cruciferae morocco cuculidae cucurbitaceae cucurbitaceae morocco culture cunoniaceae cupressaceae cuscutaceae custer national forest cyclamen cyperaceae cystopteridaceae cyttariaceae dachstein danaidae morocco dasypodidae davalliaceae de flaes dena mountains diapensiaceae dionysia dioscoreaceae dipsacaceae dolomites dracaenaceae dragonfly drimia droseraceae dryopteridaceae east africa east alps ecopark ecrin elaeagnaceae elaeocarpaceae elburz eleocarpaceae emberizidae endemic english ephedraceae equisetaceae erebidae ericaceae ericaceae morocco escaloniaceae esfahan euphorbiaceae euphorbiaceae greece exotic exotic plant exotic spec f photo rank andriesse fabaceae fabaceae greece fabaceae morocco fagaceae fagaceae morocco fagaceae south anatolia falconidae fars fauna fern fern morocco film flacourtiaceae flora flora article folium alpinum fossil fotostream fouquieriaceae france frank andriesse fringillidae fritillaria fruit fruit morocco fruit south anatolia fruitrosaceae fumariaceae funges fungus fungus site trips fungus south anatolia furnariidae galanthus garden gargano gargano 2006 garten praxis gentianaceae gentianaceae morocco geoemydidae geology geraniaceae germany gesneriaceae giudicarian alps globulariaceae globulariaceae morocco golestan national park gr20 gramineae grass gran canaria gran paradiso gran paradiso ranunculaceae grand teton national park greece grossulariaceae gruidae gunneraceae habit habitat habitat cactaceae habitat greece habitat loaseae habitat morocco habitat peru habitat plumbaginaceae habitat site mountaineering haematopodidae hamamelidaceae hautesavoie hedge laying helicidae hem herpestidae hesperiidae hippocastanaceae hirundinidae hongary hongary 2002 house building huangshan hutte hyacinthaceae hyacinthaceae belgium hyacinthaceae habitat hyacinthaceae morocco hyacinthaceaeliliaceae hybride hydrangaeceae hydrangeaceae hydrophyllaceae hymenochaetaceae hymenophyllaceae hypericaceae ice skating iceskating icteridae icvc huainan idaho iguanaidae insect insect morocco iran iran 2009 iran 2010 iri iridaceae iridaceae bulbous plant iridaceae close up iridaceae greece iridaceae morocco iridaceae south anatolia islandpeak italy italy asteraceae italy reptile itonidae juglandaceae julia julian alps juncaceae juncaginaceae kapadokya karakorum karakorum 2008 pakistan karawanken kathmandu kenya klote kopie koppe dag krasnovii la gomera la palma labiatae labiatae morocco lacertidae lake manyara national park lamiaceae landscape landscape greece landscape morocco laniidae laridae lasiocampidae lauraceae leguminosae leguminosae morocco lentibulariaceae leporidae libellulidae lichen liliaceae liliaceae greece linaceae liolaemidae lizard loaceae loasaceae loaseae lobeliaceae loganiaceae loosdrechtse plas loranthaceae lycaenidae lycoperdaceae lycopodiaceae lythraceae macedonia macedonia greece macedonia rosaceae magallanes magnoliaceae mainland mainland greece malesherbiaceae mallorca malvaceae map maps marijn maritime alps massif central medicine bow mountains melanthiaceae melastomataceae meliaceae meloidae memphis tennessee menalo mountains merapeak mercantour mercin meropidae meruliaceae mimosaceae mimosoideae misodendraceae misumeninae monotropaceae mont blanc montana montiaceae moraceae morocco moss motacillidae mount baker area mount everest national park mount hood wilderness area mount imittos 1026m mount olympus mount parnitha mount parnitha view mount rainier national park mountaineering mountains mt. musaceae muscicapidae mustelidae myricaceae myrsinaceae myrtaceae n. pindos n.e. turkey national park natricidae ne iran near erzurum nepal nepal 2012 netherlands nevado ausangate nevado auzangate nidze mountains north cascades national park north france northeast turkey northeastern turkey nothofagaceae nrv nw iran nw iran mountains nyctaginaceae nymphaeraceae nymphalidae oleaceae olympic mountains olympic national park olympus olympus mountains onagraceae ophioglossaceae orchidaceae orchidaceae greece orchidaceae south anatolia oregon oregon caves national monument orobanchaceae otariidae oxalidaceae p.n. torres del paine pacific northwest paeoniaceae pakistan palandoken palmaceae palmaceae morocco pangkom 2850m pannorama panorama papaveraceae papilionaceae papilionidae parasite parasite morocco paridae parmeliaceae parnassiaceae parnassos mountains paronychiaceae pass passeridae passifloraceae patagonia peatgarden pelecanidae peloponnese peloponnese iridaceae people permit permit police office peru phalacrocoracidae philesiaceae phoenicopteridae photo frank andriesse photo h. michielsen photo harrie de vries photo k. v. herk photo k.j. photo k.j. v. zwienen photo kj. v. zwienen photo paul klok photo r. wassenberg photo rogier wassenberg phrymaceae phytolaccaceae picidae pieridae pietersberg pinaceae pinaceae greece pindos mountains pink floyd plantaginaceae platanaceae plumbaginaceae poaceae podicipedidae podocarpaceae podophyllaceae poisonous poland polemoniaceae polygalaceae polygalaceae belgium polygonaceae polypodiaceae pontic alps portulacaceae posidoniaceae potamogetonaceae primula primulaceae primulaceae greece primulaceae south anatolia proteaceae pteridaceae pteridophyta publication punicaceae pycnonotidae pyrenees pyrolaceae qom queyras raffflesiaceae rallidae ranidae ranunculaceae ranunculaceae annual eenjarig ranunculaceae greece ranunculaceae morocco recurvirostridae red winged blackbird agelaius phoeniceus redwood national park reewijkse plassen reptile reptiles resedaceae rhamnaceae rheidae rhinocryptidae rif rio negro rio negro buddlejaceae riodinidae rockclimbing rockgarden rocky mountain national park rocky mountains roger waters rogier wassenberg romania rosaceae rubiaceae rubiaceae morocco rubiaceae violaceae ruscaceae rutaceae rätikon s.w. turkey s.w.turkey sabalan mountains sahand mountains salicaceae san juan islands santa cruz santalaceae sarcobataceae sarcoscyphaceae sarraceniaceae saskia robert saturniidae satyridae saxifragaceae saxifragaceae morocco saxifrage magazine saxifrages scarabaeidae schizophyllaceae schoepfiaceae sciuridae scolopacidae scrophulariaceae scrophulariaceae morocco selaginellaceae sendan mountains serophulaceae sextener dolomites shirkuh mountains shrub shrub morocco silvretta simaroubaceae sinopteridacea sinopteridaceae site site flora site garden site mountaineering site sports site trips site trips peru sittidae slovakia slovenia smilacaceae solanaceae solanaceae morocco solida son and breugel son en breugel sonniuspark south south america south anatolia south east south spain south turkey south usa south west south west turkey spain sphenicidae sports sterculiaceae stijn strigidae sturnidae styracaceae sulidae switzerland swm sylviidae taigetos mountains tales mountains tamaricaceae tanzania tanzania bird tanzania tree taurus tehran tenerife termessos the rock garden thinocoridae thomisidae threskiornithidae thymelaeaceae thymelaeceae thymelaeceae morocco tibet tilburg tinamiidae tree triglav n. p triglav n. p. trilliaceae trochilidae troglodytidae tropaeolaceae tulipa turdidae turkey turkey south anatolia turkije tyrannidae uinta mountains uiran umbelliferae upupidae ursidae urticaceae usa utah valerianaceae van verbenaceae vercors vermion mountains vespidae violaceae viscaceae vivianiaceae wallis wasatch wasatch mountains washington wenatchee mountains west turkey winteraceae woodsiaceae wyoming xanthorrhoeaceae xylocopinae yazd yellow mountains yellowstone national park yunnan zagros zamiaceae zillertaler alps zingiberaceae zygaenidae zygophyllaceae ötztaler alps
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